The Swiss Chiropractic Academy’s Purpose

1985, the Swiss Chiropractic Academy was founded in Bern, then as the Swiss Chiropractic Institute. 2007, the institute needed reorganisation and restructuring in order to adapt to the new Swiss medical law MedBG/LPMéd (September 1st, 2007).

The Swiss Chiropractic Academy offers postgraduate education for chiropractic assistants and continuing education for licensed chiropractors. In Switzerland, chiropractors undergo a two year assistantship at a licensed chiropractors’ office and take regular postgraduate courses in Bern. They also fulfil a four months training in rheumatology and orthopaedics at a university hospital.

The academy organizes a federal exam in x-ray principles and technique during the assistantship. At the end of the assistantship, assistants have to take a final federal exam to become a specialised chiropractor («Fachchiropraktor»). Having passed this exam, chiropractors are allowed to open their own office.

The Swiss Chiropractic Academy is an independent institution, accredited by the Swiss federal authorities for public health and their accreditation commission.

The Academy is organized and mainly financed by ChiroSuisse, the Swiss Chiropractic Association. Some funds are donated by certain cantons.

Swiss chiropractors are proud to offer a high standard and quality of chiropractic postgraduate and continuing education.